Bands who wish to play Irish Whiskey Bar should email AFTER READING BELOW. Please send any links to YouTube, social media, your website etc.

You will be expected to start and end ON TIME. Be loaded in by 9:30. Start time is 10 and bands play two 50 minute sets. Finishing at 12am SHARP! (Get in early for load in and don’t pull the “Come on man, one more” crap.)
Also, please do not show up with your friend who’s going to open for you. If you are booked you are booked, you don’t own the whole night. We occasionally book openers but that is at our discretion.

If you would like to book, be aware that we are a small space and volume is a serious concern. Also the stage area is small so a 7 piece band with drums and keys and a percussionist will not fly here. A 4 our 5 piece is about as many as will comfortably fit. Due to past experience we insist that you use our backline and drummers must use drum shields (plexi). Backline gear is kept in good repair and serviced regularly.

While much of the equipment lives on-site additional DIs, mics, etc. are often brought by our audio guys. It is a good idea to contact us BEFORE the show with a band roster/stage plot/input list. The more your sound man knows about you the better he is able to do his job. If you get there and then decide you need more inputs that is not the time to complain.

The PA consists of a Yamaha 10 Mic 2 stereo channel board, QSC K12 Speakers for FOH, 2 QSC K10 Speakers and 2 JBL Eon 10 for Monitors. Although there are a total of 4 monitors currently there is only two auxes available so individual mixes aren’t possible unless prior arrangements are made. We have a good selection of mics including Shure SM-58, SM-57, Beta 58, Beta 52, Beta 98, AKG-414, and a stereo pair of Neumann KM-185s as well as access to Shure UR4D dual channel SM-58 wireless mic system. (Again, Note: Much of this stuff does not “live” in the bar but is available to bands who make prior arrangements and send stage plots etc. Ultimate choice is in the hands of the Sound Man)

Please email stage plots and questions to: (or use contact button below).

The backline consists of:

(1) 1971 Fender Princeton (15W)
(1) Marshall DSL15 15W Two Channel All Tube Guitar Amp
(1) Galien Krueger MB 200 series Bass Amp. (200W)
(1) Behringer 12” Bass Cabinet.
(1) Pearl Masters Series 20” Kick
(1) Pearl Masters Series 10” Tom
(1) Pearl Masters Series 12” tom
(1) Pearl Masters Series 16” Floor Tom
(1) DW 5000 Kick Pedal
(1) DW Hi Hat Stand
(2) DW Double Braced Cymbal Stand
(1) DW Double Braced Snare Stand
(1) Double X-Braced Keyboard Stand
(1) Drum Rug
(1) DW Drum Throne
DI Boxes for Keyboards and Acoustic Guitars.
(You are welcome to bring you own acoustic guitar pre-amps however we’d prefer you use the monitors for acoustic guitar and keyboards as running an amp with these usually adds to volume problems)

Drummers should bring their own Snare and Cymbals.